Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Genie Hat Prototype

I made this cool little genie hat today for a social experiment, and now I'm thinking of making more for my etsy shop. Even two layers of buckram were a little too floppy, so on the next one I will make the interior from plastic canvas to help it hold it's shape better.

The veil is fastened to the pony tail holder. I tried fastening it directly to the ring, but the veil was too heavy and kept pulling it off. A chiffon veil might not have that issue, since it's the sequins that are heavy. It is held on with two hat pins, one on each side.The metal part is a vintage earring.

This is a lot of fun to wear too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tired of ironing your veil?

There was a belly dancing troupe that had those beautiful lame' veils. You know the fancy ones that catch the light but also wrinkle every time you set them down?
After constantly trying to iron out the wrinkles before every show they figured something out. If they took the veil and scrunched it all up each time, they got these lovely crinkles that looked really good under the stage lights, and no more ironing! I thought it was a stroke of genius.