Saturday, June 01, 2013

Cairo Carnivale

I am sorely disappointed that I didn't get to go to Cairo Carnivale this year. I couldn't find a ride, and honestly, I don't just want to be a spectator. If I can't be a dancer there or do the workshops, it's not really worth it to me, and I'm in no shape to perform right now. I have some sort of Achilles issue on my right foot. It pains me to walk nearly every day and if I can't walk, I can't dance.

I did talk to someone at the Apple Valley Park and Rec. yesterday and she said they are always looking for teachers, so hopefully I can start teaching soon and earn money towards getting a car. It's a long way to ride a bus and as any dance teacher can tell you, there is a lot of stuff to carry. I'm between sessions right now, so the soonest I could teach (if they say yes) is in the fall.

If you've never heard of Cairo Carnivale, it is on the Queen Mary in Long Beach CA and it is going on right now. If you are local you still have time to go to it and they sell tickets at the door. A lot of my Facebook friends are already there. I hope you are all having a blast!