Thursday, October 14, 2004

Mirror Mirror

In dance, your body is your intrument. So for this exercise, you take off everything and stand in front of a mirror. For once, the goal isn't to look for's to look for your best features. Do you have a long neck? Doe shaped eyes? Pretty feet? Sensuous curves? Sparkling eyes? A beautiful smile? Great skin? Write down your 10 best features.
Remember, one man's flaw is another man's asset.
Now, when you go costume shopping, look for items that bring out those features. Pick colors that make your eyes twinkle. Pick fabrics that make you feel glamorous. If you like your curves, pick fabrics that cling to them. If you don't like your curves, pick a fabric that will skim over them.
And try not to get locked into wearing only two colors. We do that by habit, then we feel like we look the same in everything. Get wild once in a while and grab that chartruese scarf or those fushia earrings.

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