Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Belly dancing in the news today.

The local news (KCAL channel 9) covered an International belly dancing competition in Egypt. Evidently it’s open only to foreigners. When asked why, one of the Egyptian dancers said, “It’s our dance and if we entered we would win”. They did show one woman who was larger than average, but not without sticking in the blurb that the dance is for all sizes. They never say that when a skinny woman dances. At any rate, they showed blips of 7 or 8 dancers. The interviewer said that costumes cost from $100 to $1000. I’m wondering just what a $100 costume would look like. I haven’t seen a $100 costume worth buying in about 20 years. I didn’t quite catch the name of the winner, but they said she was from the USA. It sounded like Hakura. Maybe I can Google it up. There were over 1200 dancers entered. P.S. Nothing on Google yet. Did anyone catch who the winner was?

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