Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weather is Gorgeous in S. Calif.

The weather is gorgeous today and I'm thinking of reclaiming my dancing space in the backyard. The flower beds have encroached on the patio and need some major maintenance. Also, there is a lot less space on the patio than there used to be because of our archery projects and furniture people have given us. Why is it so hard to keep space free for dancing? I struggle with it constantly. Once someone parks a table and benches or chairs somewhere it seems as if they are there forevermore.

I used to dance out there quite a lot but then two neighbors moved in and had babies. Now I am self-concious about making noise out there. You know, like drumming and finger cymbals and belly dance music? I doubt my neighbors are as fond of it as I am.

Oh how I miss having my own house and yard.

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