Thursday, January 05, 2012

Amazing Belly Dancer in Leopard Print and Red Costume

I thought this dancer was so talented and gorgeous, and I said to myself, "I bet in the comments someone is going to be hating on her." Belly dancing seems to be so polarizing and some of the comments are so ridiculous.  Why oh why did I read the comments? A few people give a very condescending 'well, I thought she was kinda good, but you should go watch so and so, now that girl can dance." One guy said, "Look at that jawline, must be a man." Seriously? What an idiot. Anyway, you can judge for yourself.  If I never see another belly dancer again, I'd still die happy knowing I saw her, even if it was only on YouTube.

And her costume is to die for. It fits her like a second skin. And she won a major contest. Who do YouTube commentors think they are anyway? If I had $10,000 to hire 10 dancers for a show and each one got $1000. then she'd be my headliner.

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