Saturday, March 17, 2012


Many nights when I am restless I find myself watching belly dance videos on line. I must have seen 1000 by now. I wish that resource had been available in the 70's when I needed them. I love all the innovations. When I first combined belly dancing, fire spinning and juggling back in the 70's, people looked at me like I'd just fallen off the turnip truck. No one patted me on the back and said, "Wow, what innovative ideas." Now of course a great many dancers combine things like hooping and fire props. Maybe I was born 20 years too soon. I wonder if other dancers in their 50's feel like I do. One year I was performing at Cairo Carnivale with a boa constrictor, juggling, and magic. I wish I'd known a friend with a video camera from back then so I'd have a record of it. The only time I got to watch belly dancing videos back then was if I was at a M.E.C.D.A. party of something and someone put videos in. I was on a tight budget, raising 2 small daughters, so videos weren't a high priority compared to rent and groceries. Costumes are also much easier to come by. You don't have to wait for a convention to roll around anymore. I hope you guys are appreciating how good you have it.

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